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About SBG Drogheda


SBG Drogheda is a beginner friendly gym following the world class SBG programs for anyone who wants to train for whatever reasons, meet new friends, learn self defense, get grades, fitness etc. It will be a no ego gym where everyone is entitled to train safe and have fun. We will also be putting together a fight team to look for that next big MMA star. If you want to be the best you can be then come to the Rolls Royce of martial arts.

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Growing Gorillas


Martial arts can be an excellent way for children to develop, both mentally and physically, as well as to cultivate an enjoyment of sport. We believe that the lessons learned through martial arts can benefit a person long beyond their childhood. Self respect, discipline, kindness to others, and dedication are just part of the ethos behind SBG which we try to pass on to our young members.

Our Growing Gorillas program has proved to be a massive success across other SBG gyms, and we believe the young people will enjoy it just as much here in Drogheda.

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Call in to find out what membership plans are available and what is the right plan for you. We look forward to seeing you train with us.

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Class Schedule

A wide variety of martial arts are taught at SBG Drogheda. It's a great opportunity to deepen into your own practice and cross-train in styles that are new to you. The updated class schedule will be available shortly.

Class schedule to be confirmed.


Class schedule to be confirmed.


Class schedule to be confirmed.


The North East's 1st SBG Training Centre

Contact Information

We are located at Unit 11, Newgrange Business Park, Drogheda, Co.Louth. Call us on the number below or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you and having you train with us.

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