SBG Drogheda is a beginner friendly gym following the world class SBG programs for anyone who wants to train for whatever reasons, meet new friends, learn self defense, get grades, fitness etc. It will be a no-ego gym where everyone is entitled to train safe and have fun. We will also be putting together a fight team to look for that next big MMA star. If you want to be the best you can be then come to the SBG Drogheda.




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Our training offers a fantastic workout. All you need is heart and determination.


No need any prior experience. Most champions started from nothing.


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How do I join SBG Drogheda?

To schedule your introductory class, contact us via email ( to see available times. The lesson will include a 30-minute semi-private session that will introduce our system, and if the session proceeds well, will be followed by a participation in our group class. For the first class, prospective students must bring appropriate workout gear. This includes shorts and or compression tights, and a lycra compression shirt (rashguard). Please make sure there are no zippers or metal components and preferably no pockets. For female students please choose clothing with adequate shoulder and chest coverage suitable for combative training. No other gear will be necessary. We also suggest a water bottle, and to not eat anything heavy prior to training.

  • SBG Drogheda Team

How do I know what classes I need

A member of our Consultation Team will talk this through at your appointment based upon your Consultation Form being completed. In addition to this, we encourage everyone to try a range of classes first off, to see what feels or fit best, also to mix up and taste variety. SBG Drogheda Coaches are always intently watching students in class too, they’re looking out for progression, and will advise what classes would be best suited for you if they feel you need them.

  • SBG Drogheda Team

Is BJJ and MMA suitable for Women and Kids

Absolutely! Here are at SBG Drogheda we pride ourselves on being a family orientated Martial Arts Centre, where have classes & programmes that tailors for everyone, from 4 years upwards both female and male.

  • SBG Drogheda Team

What do I wear or bring to training

Students should have a rashguard/compression shirt and pair of MMA shorts or compression leggings. This is for both hygiene and safety issues. We do recommend you get knee pads, shin guards and MMA gloves.

  • SBG Drogheda Team

I have an injury. Can I still train?

If you have a serious injury or medical condition, please consult with your doctor first. Please also inform your instructor in advance.

  • SBG Drogheda Team

Do I need any prior experience?

You do not need any prior experience to start. Remember even the most successful champions all started from nothing.

  • SBG Drogheda Team

I am a bit out of shape. Am I ready to start training?

Our training offers a fantastic workout. MMA training can be intense, and we will push you to be the best you can be. But all you need is heart and determination and you will be fine. However, if you are excessively obese, it raises concerns for your health and safety. Excess weight is a concern for highly demanding athletics, given elevated risks for heart disease and stroke, particularly when chokes are applied. Please consult your physician prior to scheduling your first lesson.

  • SBG Drogheda Team

Isn’t MMA violent? I don’t want to train with meatheads.

Fighting is violent, but MMA at it’s technical best is about controlling violence with skill and finesse. At Radical MMA, we focus on teaching an intelligent, strategic and technical approach to fighting, We always emphasize the use of technique over brute strength. More importantly, all our instructors stress martial art ethics, using training as a way to better oneself. We make sure each person on the mat is respectful to everyone and keeps training safe and enjoyable. Any type of bullying or discrimination is prohibited at our dojo.

  • SBG Drogheda Team