Dana White can get roasted with the best of them.

The UFC boss was one of several celebrities in attendance for The Roast of Tom Brady on Sunday, a Netflix comedy special revolving around the legendary NFL quarterback. Over the course of the three-hour broadcast, Brady was subjected to a wide variety of insults from the likes of Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, longtime on-field rival Peyton Manning, and even former coach Bill Belichick.

Unfortunately for White, his presence left him open to a few stray shots, with veteran celebrity roaster Jeff Ross possibly getting in the best dig when he compared White to former NFL star Michael Vick, who was sentenced to jail time in 2007 for dog-fighting.

“What’s up, Dana?” Ross said. “Look at this. Talk about a legend in the room. Pull back, I want to show, he brought the whole cast of Queer Eye. Dana, who are these guys? Are they neutered, what the f*cks going on here? The sign said, ‘No Pets,’ Dana.

“I love you, Dana. You’re like Michael Vick, but with human beings.”

The “pets” in question included UFC fighters Sean O’Malley and Max Holloway.

Though the focus remained on skewering Brady and his associates, comedian Andrew Schulz took another shot at White and over criticisms of fighter pay, making reference to Brady’s divorce from Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

“That’s why Dana’s here,” Schulz said. “So you can learn how to f*ck a Brazilian out of half their purse?”

Prior to attending the event, White took to social media to ask fans to help him prepare some material of his own, though it’s unclear if he ended up using any of the suggestions.

When it was White’s turn to take the mic, he took shots at Netflix, Brady, Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero, and even fired one back at Ross.

See the clip and a transcription of Dana’s gags below.